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  • All Transactions are Insured and fully protect your clubs and equipment.
  • You set the price, rental availability, and delivery options.

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  • Rent Golf Clubs and Equipment directly from our members
  • Pick up and drop off rental clubs at Premier Golf Courses
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About Waggle


More Waggle, Less Hassle

We all want to play the world's nicest courses. But if you have ever traveled with golf clubs, you know that the journey is definitely NOT as enjoyable as the destination. For your next golf trip, just "Waggle it". We screen all listings and allow only good quality clubs for all types of golfers and skill levels, so you're sure to find a set that fits you.


Thousands of Listings, available for pick up from your favorite golf courses

Premium golf clubs are now on-demand and can be waiting for you at the world's top golf courses. The next time your business trip or family vacation takes you to golf paradise, just "Waggle it" and you'll be teeing off in minutes.

Our search filters allow you to find exactly what you are looking for, or find the clubs you want to try before you buy.

Convenient delivery options allow pickup and drop off directly from the pro shop of the best golf courses in the world.

Rent by the day, the weekend, or longer depending on availability.


More Waggle, Less Hassle

Membership is FREE and it costs nothing to search or post listings.

Every transaction is insured and the chain of custody is carefully tracked to ensure the safety of the clubs and equipment.

Welcome to the next great innovation in Golf.

How it Works

  • Search For a Listing

    Search for listings by any location such as City, State, and Country, or by Landmark such as a Golf Resort or Country Club Name

  • Filter your search to narrow down the results and find exactly what you are looking for. For example, you can search for listings containing Titleleist 718 AP2 irons with x-stiff steel shafts, or only see listings containing Callaway Rogue Drivers with oversized Lamkin grips. You can search for listings available for pick up from a particular golf club or resort and choose to only see listings with a 4 star rating or better if you wanted.

  • Enter Your rental dates to see listings available when you need them. All listings must offer 1 of 3 cancellation/rain policies depending on how flexible the listing owner is willing to be.

  • Choose your rental pick up location from a list of our Waggle authorized pro shops/pick up locations. We work with all the best golf courses, golf shops, and other golf destinations for your convenience.

  • Secure your rental dates using a credit card.

  • On the start date of your rental, your requested clubs will be waiting for you at the selected pro shop or pick up location.

  • When you are finished with your rental, simply return the clubs to the pick up location and complete the transaction. You can then rate the listing and write a review if you wish.

  • Create a Listing

    Create a listing with pictures and searchable features such as individual club makes and models, shaft material, stiffness, length, condition etc.

  • Set the availability of the listing- you can easily change this at anytime if you decide to use the clubs yourself that day or if you are not available.

  • When a renter requests a booking, you will receive a notification. Simply click the Accept Booking button to confirm.

  • Prior to the rental start date, simply drop off the clubs at the selected pro shop.

  • After the rental, pick up the clubs from the pro shop.

  • Money is deposited directly to your account.

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